The one design is in your head

Пак от уикипедия. Имало си просто обяснение. Това са неща, които съм се мъчела да формулирам за себе с частичен успех, и да ги видя ясно изказани по този начин ми носи мъничката радост от откриването на топлата вода :)

„One of the basic claims that results from public choice theory is that good government policies in a democracy are an underprovided public good, because of the rational ignorance of the voters. Each voter is faced with a tiny probability that his vote will change the result of the elections, while gathering the relevant information necessary for a well-informed voting decision requires substantial time and effort. Therefore, the rational decision for each voter is to be generally ignorant of politics and perhaps even abstain from voting. Rational choice theorists claim that this explains the gross ignorance of most citizens in modern democracies as well as low voter turnout.

While good government tends to be a pure public good for the mass of voters, there may be many interest groups that have strong incentives for lobbying the government to implement specific inefficient policies that would benefit them at the expense of the general public. For example, lobbying by the sugar manufacturers might result in an inefficient subsidy for the production of sugar, either direct or by protectionist measures. The costs of such inefficient policy are dispersed over all citizens, and therefore unnoticeable to each individual. On the other hand, the benefits are shared by a small special-interest group with a strong incentive to perpetuate the policy by further lobbying. The vast majority of voters will be unaware of the effort due to rational ignorance. Therefore, theorists expect that numerous special interests will be able to successfully lobby for various inefficient policies. In public choice theory, such scenarios of inefficient government policies are referred to as government failure — a term akin to market failure from earlier theoretical welfare economics.“

Много по-интересно е да се изследва политическият процес от икономическа гледна точка. Най-вече защото не присъстват идеологии, а се подхожда съвсем рационално откъм собствения интерес на участниците. Служба на обществото друг път…


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